About Us

We are:

Brian pitched in La Roque Gageac
Brian in La Roque Gageac

Brian… a 2003 Swift 590 RS on a Fiat Ducato 2.3 base. He has a mollusc shape to the roofline so is named after the snail on The Magic Roundabout. His best features are plenty of work space in the kitchen and an illuminated cocktail cabinet!!

Mandy and Graham… are very fortunate to be able to take time out from a settled life in Norfolk to explore Europe at a snails pace. We have been enjoying breaks and holidays in Brian for six years and this is the first time we will have toured for more than three weeks in one go. Our goals include learning to let go of the need to iron everything we wear (Mandy) and to grow a pony tail! (Graham)

Grasmere in December

Kipper… a young Staffie cross with boundless energy and an enviable zest for life. Favourite pastime is dunking tennis balls in streams and ponds. Reserving enough  space for toys has been a major consideration when packing.

You know you want to give me that scone!
You know you want to give me that scone!

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Mandy
    An illuminated cocktail cabinet tipped it for me – this takes travelling to a new height of sophistication and one I would certainly subscribe to. A must for the modern traveller.


  2. Hello Many and Graham

    Just found your blog via ourtour.co.uk, seems I have quite a bit of reading to do to catch up! I notice that ‘home’ is in Norfolk, we have lived in the county (East Harling and now Watton) for about 13 years now. I can finally ‘retire’ in about 18 months time, we then plan to take off and travel around the UK and Europe in our motorhome.

    We have fulltimed before for a while but next time we aim to spend 3-4 years on the road.

    Anyway, love the blog and photos.

    Paul (and Lynda)


    • Thanks Paul and Lynda. Yes the full timing bug takes hold doesn’t it? It’s a great way of life. We are based near King’s Lynn and know Watton well. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. ‘Our Tour’ was one of those inspirational sites I used to read in the years before we set off….it helps make the dream seem possible. It won’t be long before you’re both on the road again!


  3. Hi there. I’ve stumbled across your blog (the first blog I’ve ever read) while researching google images for a half timbered rathaus etching I’m considering purchasing. It turned up in your blog in Weringerode, Germany. Thanks for that because the city name was illegible. I loved reading about your German travels. We lived in Fulda, Heidelberg and Frankfurt for 11 years on and off with the US military. Your photos brought back wonderful memories. I look forward to reading more! You three are quite the adventurers.


    • Hi Leigh. I often forget that people are out there reading about what we’re up to and it’s always a thrill to hear that somebody has enjoyed looking at the blog. We too loved Germany. It’s one of the pleasant surprises of the trip. We went with low expectations and were amazed by the people and the places. Luckily it’s position at he heart of Northern Europe means that it is easy to trail through on our way to and from other places….watch this space!


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